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People want smarter customer journeys

4 ways car dealers can win against aftermarket service providers

Sharebox integrates with Scrive eSign & ID

Self-service options help customers

Digital customer service create new business opportunities

How Car Dealerships go digital with workshops visits

Switch to vehicle handover with a few clicks

Car Dealership Aftermarket Predictions 2022: Customer is King

Understanding the car rental customer experience

Digital retailing best practices from the Sharebox team

2 questions to ask yourself before starting self-service

Self-served car rental - Where it stands, where it’s headed

Book a service appointment in just a few steps

The changing customer journey

Sportscar brand is expanding its digital customer services

Self-served car rental: Where it stands, where it’s headed

The surprising benefits of a self-led check-in at your dealership

Smart Self-Service: Enhancing the customer experience at car dealers

How to expand your customer service capacity

How car rental franchisees goes self-served

Specialists in building individual customer journeys

Celebration at Bavaria Oslo

Workshop customers must convert digitally

Is your customer service successful?

The best way to secure a digital customer journey - part 2

The best way to secure a digital customer journey - part 1

Service Station with payments options

The ultimate customer convenience

New Sharebox building bridges

Where is urban vacation rental today?

- Customer service advice for car workshops

Contact-free car service appointments

Limited-contact car service appointments

Borders to reopen for tourists in Covid-19 recovery plan

Sharebox for contactless customer experience

The Coronavirus will change home rental forever

How can we help your organization?

Airbnb hosts favorite Sharebox features

Car service with a swipe

Introducing a new Sharebox website

Are Airbnb Fun?

How to scale your property management business

How new tech disrupt the car repair shop service desk

How a key exchange machine automate car rental operations

How software integration can grow your vacation rental business

Tips to retain existing car rental customers

Premiere of the Sharebox Auto: Secure cabinet, payment integrated

Time consuming car service & repairs

How to simplify home rental check-ins

Shops get business from short-term rental check-ins

Sharebox on the Guesty marketplace

How to cool down in the heatwave

New London check-ins by Sharebox

How to simplify your short term rentals

Understanding the car rental customer experience

The future of leisure

Sharebox reveals integration partnership with SIXT

Sharebox locations expand across Denmark

Airbnb help hosts on income tax

Sharebox creates integrated check-in experience

New tech solve car rental problems

Three steps to automate key handover

Fast track launched in Norway

5 tips for finding hidden cameras

Home sharing is growing fast

Travelers Trust Airbnb Experiences

In just 11 years, Airbnb has grown from nothing to a $30bn firm.

Hotel and home-sharing industries are converging

Italian start-up seeks funding for co-operative model

Sixt launch self service fast track at Oslo Airport

Popular to Host Weddings in Homes on Airbnb

Airbnb Guests and Hosts Opting for a Greener World

How we are building a solution for car workshops

How tech makes it easy to host

Sharebox has acquired the German key exchange operator Hoard

Sharebox, a tech platform for Airbnb hosts and the car industry, raises NOK 8.4M

500 million Airbnb guest arrivals

- I can manage check-ins from anywhere

Full Stack Developers

We are crowdfunding our growth

Airbnb bigger than Booking

Automating vacation rental check-in

How to succeed in the sharing economy?

What is equity crowdfunding?

DIY Vacation Rental Key Exchange

Airbnb for work uncovers surprising trends

Airbnb snapping up Danish startup

Aarhus goes to bed with Airbnb

Hire help when Airbnb hosting

Neighbors rebels against code locks in Madrid

Check-in improvements for your Airbnb

Housing sector and holiday rentals in Spain

How to make money renting your home

GoRide takes care of bikes with Sharebox

Moneymaking opportunity for those with space to spare

Don´t fall for a bad Airbnb listing

Key Sharing - The basics

There are accommodations for every budget

Deliver the key to your holiday guest in a secure way

Why are so many people in London listing their homes on Airbnb?

How to make money on Airbnb

Top choice hiking in Norway

Be a better host for your tenants

What is key exchange in Airbnb?

The basics about key sharing

Smart key sharing and check-in for Airbnb guests

Read Airbnb listings carefully

Be wary of Airbnb price fluctuations

Be a good Airbnb guest

How do Airbnb apartment rentals work?

Are Airbnb apartment rentals safe?

How to pick the right Airbnb host

Why I use Airbnb while traveling

Airbnb host with confidence

People choose the key exchange app

Short-term rental: - Norway is following the big cities

Sharebox celebrates 10,000 customers

Making Life Easier

Sharebox Aquires Competitor

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