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    Mastering the elements: The Sharebox guide to weather-proof success

    Snowy exterior Sharebox offices

    In the ever-evolving world of automotive after-sales services, Sharebox stands out as a robust and super easy car handover service that streamlines transactions for both car dealerships like yours and your customers. But what about the weather?

    Like any technology deployed in the physical world, Sharebox faces environmental challenges. From the biting cold and snow of northern climates to the searing heat and sand of desert regions, not to mention the ubiquitous challenge of rain.

    Sharebox installations must weather a variety of conditions. Yet, with every challenge comes a solution, and in this article, we explore how to safeguard your Sharebox against the elements, ensuring it remains a reliable and efficient service point for your customers.

    With 99.9% uptime (premium level SLA), coupled with expedient support from our dedicated local representatives, your Sharebox will deliver unparalleled reliability and performance. We consistently advise our clients to acquire two or more Sharebox units, as this significantly mitigates the risk of service disruption should an unlikely event occur.

    Indoor set-up for total customer satisfaction

    Male handling Sharebox - interior

    An indoor setup of your Sharebox will certainly protect against most weather conditions. However, dealerships looking to set up Sharebox indoors will have to consider:

    • safety regulations
    • customer flow
    • accessibility
    • limited floor space
    • opening hours

    The latter is especially important, as round-the-clock customer service stands out as a distinct benefit of Sharebox, ensuring that clients have easy access to key retrieval and invoice settlement at any hour.

    No matter the hour, an outdoor Sharebox will be there for your customers, ready to help them pick up their keys and settle invoices, even when the dealership doors are closed. Let’s see some tips on how to set up the Sharebox.

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    How to choose a set up spot for your Sharebox

    The Sharebox is robust and sturdy, make no mistake. The Sharebox s-series is classified as a safe deposit box according to EN 1143-1. It’s engineered for outdoor installation and offers flexible placement options to meet diverse situational requirements.

    Still, the Sharebox should ideally be shielded from weather elements like snow, rain sand and sun. Obviously, this is not always possible, as customer access and on-premises visibility will have priority, and rightly so. Access to electrical power should also be a concern.

    A site survey will be needed prior to any Sharebox installation. Sharebox site surveys are conducted with local partner representatives and customer site responsible for final sign-off and agreed actions.

    The site survey involves visiting the site in person to collect data, evaluate conditions, and make informed decisions based on information gathered. Site surveys play a crucial role in mitigating risks, ensuring accurate project planning, and facilitating effective decision-making. They help our project teams anticipate challenges, allocate resources efficiently, and tailor their approach to suit the unique characteristics of the site.

    Take comfort in knowing that your Sharebox is built tough to take on any weather. But to make vehicle handovers at your dealership or workshop super easy, here are some handy tips:

    Battling Rain and Snow

    Sharebox Møller Bil

    Rain and snow can be particularly troublesome, potentially affecting the functionality of touchscreens and obstructing key drop-off and collection slots. To counteract these issues, Sharebox units are made of weather-resistant materials. We've thoughtfully designed certain Sharebox models with protective overhangs to keep both customers and equipment safe and dry. Additionally, implementing heating elements within the units can prevent snow and ice from forming, ensuring the machines remain operational even in freezing conditions.

    Shielding from sand and dust

    In high-temperature, arid or desert regions, sand and dust can pose a challenge, as they can infiltrate machinery and disrupt mechanical and electronic functions. Sharebox counters this threat through tightly sealed enclosures and the use of air filters that can trap particles before they enter the system. Regular maintenance and cleaning schedules should also be observed to remove any particles that might accumulate over time, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the service.

    Protection against the sun

    Excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to overheating of any electrical equipment and can also impact touchscreen visibility. To mitigate these effects, Sharebox units are equipped with UV-resistant materials and cooling fans to regulate internal temperatures. Positioning the Sharebox in shaded areas or using protective canopies can prevent direct sunlight exposure, maintaining optimal operating conditions and enhancing user experience.

    But typically, there's no need for major concerns, even in regions with extensive exposure to sunlight over time.

    Ensuring proper signage in large facilities

    In larger facilities, the effectiveness of a Sharebox installation isn't just about weatherproofing - it's also about accessibility and visibility.

    The eye-catching and elegant Scandinavian design and colors to match your brand identity will surely help customers find their way to the Sharebox, regardless of how they arrive.

    Proper signage is also helpful to guide customers to Sharebox locations efficiently. High-visibility signs, possibly illuminated for night-time visibility, should clearly mark the way from all major access points within the facility.

    Furthermore, integrating Sharebox locations into the dealership's digital platforms, such as websites and mobile apps will help customers locate the service before they even arrive, smoothing the path to a handover that suits the individual customer..

    Sharebox - super easy car handover

    Overcoming environmental challenges is key to maximizing the efficiency and reliability of Sharebox installations. By implementing these smart solutions, dealerships can ensure that their Sharebox units remain functional, accessible, and user-friendly, regardless of the weather conditions. This commitment to resilience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also underscores the dealership's dedication to innovation and quality service in the face of any obstacle.

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