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    How to find the best solutions for digital transformation

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    Today we see a boom in automated and digital customer service when people become accustomed to the options technology creates. Both end customers and businesses benefit equally from the new seamlessly integrated ecosystem.

    A high level of customer satisfaction is a business goal for every brand and a key to its success.

    Visiting dealerships for service, software upgrades or maintenance, the handover experience is no longer standing in a front desk queue for your doings. Self-service customer journeys are the new normal we all enjoy. On these digital, self-served contact points, we chose between a touchscreen or grab our mobile phones to make everything easy and convenient.


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    The digital customer journeys can efficiently distribute rental car keys and access additional services like ID, electronic signature, driver’s license checks and payment card reservations.

    The process of digital transformation

    You should constantly strive to improve your customer service based on productivity KPIs. For instance, if customers ask for 24/7 availability and self-service features you can’t yet deliver, always update them on the progress. Customer satisfaction affects your business revenue. Low customer satisfaction levels mean your retention rates are likely to be low, too. With this in mind, can you afford to offer a poor customer experience?

    Customers love easy-to-understand self-service

    Smart mobile first check-ins could also serve as a upsell tool, offering virtual tours of records available and showcasing all the necessary steps in the customer journey with optional special offers and campaigns.

    Digital ID check, e-signature and payment

    The latest self-service car handover technology can operate outdoors or indoors, depending on security needs. Both ID checks and document signing could be done instant by smartphone connectivity, including invoice payment on the go.

    With digital customer journeys, your operations will become highly cost-efficient. Technology handling easy-to-use self-served customer journeys is the new normal, when people are becoming accustomed to the options technology creates.

    Win the race with digital customer service

    There is a rush in the mobility- and automotive sector to transform digitally using application programming interface integration, the so-called open API. With this in place, the front end towards end-customers, can manage integrated functions like upselling options, ID, e-signature, billing, security, branding and support activities.

    Both end customers and businesses benefit equally from the new seamlessly integrated technology universe. They communicate with each other in a digital ecosystem. All information is available in real time, and communication is managed quickly and easily.

    Technology trends are shaking up the future for mobility and the automotive aftermarket, and we see a lot of disruption in traditional customer service and manual operations.

    For us, it´s exciting to help clients globally with their digital transformation and bring to market new tools needed to succeed. Today’s businesses have a basket of technology available to transform their operations and build robust business cases taking advantage of the digital ecosystem.