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    Sharebox ๐Ÿ’“ your system. Here's how an open API facilitates seamless software integrations

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    Managing a hectic schedule? I do understand; it's a challenge for both you and your customers.

    Sharebox offers a digital solution that grants your customers easy access to car handover according to their schedule, thanks to an open API (Application Programming Interface).

    Let me explain how

    Maintaining work/life balance can be challenging, a struggle experienced by many of your customers on a daily basis. From getting kids to school to managing afternoon activities and grocery shopping, their schedules are packed. With such busy lives, streamlining customer journeys by removing unnecessary obstacles is key.

    Moreover, the automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation to stay competitive. Digitalization is crucial for meeting evolving customer expectations and market demands. However, it becomes particularly challenging when dealership hours don't align with their customers schedules. Recognizing these difficulties, Sharebox provides a tailored solution to support 24/7 convenience, benefiting both dealerships and customers alike.


    Importance of  compatibility with existing systems

    Dealerships seeking to digitalize their customer journey by adding a handover service shouldn't need to change or replace their current Dealer Management Systems (DMS). Nor should they need to change their reservation or communication systems, or any other vital operational software they've already invested in. The ideal solution is a fully automated system that seamlessly communicates with their existing systems through an API.

    An API enables seamless interaction between software systems. Considering the amount of software on the market, versatility is key.  An API can be likened to a waiter in a restaurant. It takes requests from you (the customer), communicates with the kitchen (the system or service), and brings back the food (data or results) to you. It defines how different software components should interact with each other

    An open API enables the key exchange service to not only connect and communicate with current business systems but also apply a wide range of additional features such as:

    • Payment
    • Digital signature
    • ID & driver license check
    • Damage Check
    • Physical door/locker opening
    • Planning
    • Rental/replacement cars
    • Up-sale opportunities & loyalty programs

    Our API secures friction free communication with any system, including premium payment solutions like NEXI, featuring debit and credit cards, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay and a long list of other payment solutions.


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    The commercial benefits of on-the-spot payment solutions

    On-the-spot payment solutions bring significant commercial advantages. Using a Sharebox improves liquidity management by providing payment plans suited to each customer's preferences and financial situation. This eliminates outstanding receivables, positively impacting cash flow and the commercial performance of the dealership.

    Customers appreciate the ability to select from a variety of payment options, such as debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or installment plans, ensuring a smooth and convenient payment process.


    Enhanced personalization with Sharebox

    While some may be concerned that automated solutions may reduce the personal touch that dealerships and customers have traditionally highly valued, the reality is quite the opposite.

    Instead, we can enhance the customer experience by recognizing unique identities rather than replacing them. In essence, Sharebox, working together with partners, can provide a more comprehensive customized service by ensuring that each client relationship is data-driven and tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.


    Case in point, consider this text message to a customer:


    Unlocking Success in Automotive Digitalization

    Car handover should be easy and accessible at all times. By eliminating traditional business hour constraints, you also free your operations from manual tasks and other time-consuming activities.

    Sharebox contributes to digital development in the car landscape and understands the requirements for flexibility and access to customer transactions. Although we do understand that the progress of digitalization can be difficult and confusing in certain areas in the automotive industry, it is important to note that adaptation and change are essential. When we compare it to other industries, the necessity becomes obvious. The idea of having to visit a travel agency every time you want to book an air ticket or schedule time in the bank for a simple transfer seems archaic in today's digital age.

    Sharebox serves as a supportive tool for dealerships, streamlining processes and customer journeys while ensuring that the customer service remains personalized and responsive.

    In facilitating this transition, we respect the balance between automation and human interaction, fostering a digital environment that complements and enhances, rather than replaces, the valuable personal engagement customers have come to expect. 

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