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    Sharebox payment solutions boost revenue for car dealerships and workshops

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    In the automotive sector, especially within DACH/Germany's precise and quality-driven market, the seamless integration of Nexi payment solutions with Sharebox' innovative self-service technology marks a significant leap forward for car dealerships and workshops.

    The partnership between Nexi and Sharebox is not just about enhancing transactional efficiency. It's about reimagining the dealership experience and customer journey for the modern era.

    In this article, I will uncover how this collaboration gives dealerships the freedom to refine processes, making every customer interaction smoother and more reliable

    Discover how embracing these technologies can transform your dealership, making every payment as straightforward as using Sharebox for key exchanges.

    Nexi solutions for service visit payments

    The Sharebox - Nexi partnership provides car dealerships and workshops with solutions to accept online payments. Customers can enjoy a fast and super easy check-out experience once their car is ready. This improves customer loyalty, along with a significant reduction in operational costs.

    Collecting online payments allow transactions to be managed on all major international circuits: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, V-PAY, Union Pay, JCB, Bancomat Pay, American Express, and Diners.

    Sharebox also supports mobile Payments and eWallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Skrill.

    This wide range of options provides workshops with a variety of choices and allows car dealerships and workshops to select the best options and the right payment method for their business and their customers

    What is Sharebox?

    Sharebox is a robot, and a premium customer journey, providing super-fast, super easy car handover, and offers 24/7 customer access to services. This integration not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly boosts customer satisfaction by providing a seamless, hassle-free experience. Sharebox also lets customers choose between debit and credit cards, installment plans and online wallets.

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    Freedom: Your customers can select pick-up time and payment solution.


    The retailer Trompeter has made a video on their website, showing how Sharebox works.

    What is Nexi and how does it relate to Sharebox?

    For a super easy car handover, Sharebox trusts Nexi to handle payment issues. Dealerships can wave goodbye to outstanding receivables, as Nexi offers invoice, service and debit and credit card payment, accepts a variety of online wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay and EC Card.

    Consequently, dealerships can rest assured that transactions will be settled. No one needs to queue up to pay, let alone dispute an invoice.

    Nexi has developed the right payment solution, perfectly complementing Sharebox. With Nexi, Sharebox can offer more than basic key vending services, but also let end customers comfortably order and pay for services online, then independently pick up their car at their leisure and within their schedule without the assistance of a dealership representative.

    Demo: How it works

    What does the Sharebox/Nexi partnership mean for your dealership?

    To sum up, here are the advantages for dealership and in-house workshop:

    • Operational efficiency and customer convenience:

    Sharebox, facilitates super-fast and super-easy car handovers. The integration with Nexi payment solutions means that the payment process becomes part of the seamless customer journey. This not only improves operational efficiency by automating key drop-offs and pickups but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 access to services and various payment options.

    • Financial benefits

    The partnership ensures that transactions will be settled without the need for customers to queue up or dispute invoices. This aspect should be emphasized as it highlights how Sharebox helps dealerships boost revenue by eliminating outstanding receivables and ensuring that every financial transaction is completed before keys are handed over​​.

    Liquidity can and should also be a priority for healthy businesses. Improved liquidity upholds keep reputation and trust in the market and can also create more leverage and room for maneuver for the company.

    Adequate liquidity allows the business to allocate more money towards important focus areas, which helps to strengthen competitiveness in general.

    When you are in a position where you can improve an already healthy liquidity situation, you can increase this room for maneuvers and competitiveness quite significantly through the employment of Sharebox.

    • Digitalization and end customer experience

    Sharebox's digital, online service station allows for integration with the dealership's management systems, ensuring that vehicle handover and payment can be made in real-time. This integration leads to a digitized system that supports the entire customer journey from booking to payment, including additional services and upselling options​​​​. 

    • The future of car dealership service

    The Sharebox/Nexi collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to car dealership management, aligning with modern consumer expectations for digital and self-service options. Dealerships can offer a customer journey that is not limited by traditional service hours, improving the planning of daily operations and presenting a good return on investment​. 

    • Adapting to end customer needs

    The technology behind Sharebox and Nexi's solutions is responsive to individual end customer needs, providing a tailored retail interaction that prioritizes retention and relationship management throughout the customer journey​​.

    • Building trust digitally

    While the check-in and payment processes become digital and self-served, the underlying principle remains that customers want to interact with businesses they trust. The Sharebox/Nexi partnership could be positioned as a digital extension of the dealership's commitment to trust and quality service​​.

    In conclusion, the Sharebox/Nexi partnership means that your dealership can look forward to a more streamlined operation, better financial health, enhanced customer experience, and an overall modernization of the car servicing process, aligning with the future of the automotive retail industry.

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