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    The Customer Journey In Focus

    Woman offering keys from Sharebox

    Digital conversion and self-service kiosks are being established as the preferred automotive after-sales customer journey to remove the friction that bothers customers.

    Satisfied customers talk about their experience to others and are the best ambassadors and they are often more loyal. Dissatisfied customers are dissatisfied because they have encountered friction in a customer journey, and most do not report this either.

    The digital workshop

    Working systematically to remove friction from the after-sales customer journey is very profitable, and the only recipe for satisfied customers provided that the core service product is good. 

    New digital tools cover the entire Customer Journey from ordering a vehicle for service to picking it up, which is the future of the digital workshop.

    A fixed price for service is a good example that directly has a good effect on digital conversion. When it also becomes easy to use the workshop with self-served 24/7 kiosks, it quickly becomes a good drive and progress. 

    Poor customer journeys result in poorer results, negative product talk and customer flight. It is so simple that the companies that build better customer journeys get a healthy, strong, and sustainable business. 

    Customers visit their service partner around the clock

    There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the technology benefits, create competitive self-served customer journeys, get satisfied customers, and deliver good business results with a small investment in today’s after-sales technology. 

    Watch a Sharebox video demo and see how you can improve your after-sales operations with digital tools and kiosks.

    Contactless car key handover 24/7 will positively impact customer experience and satisfaction since using modern digital tools comes with more efficient and convenient services.

    Sharebox enables automotive retailers and after-sales workshops to transform digitally with self-served technology.