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    Intelligent solutions from Sharebox and Nets ensure easier car maintenance

    Problem: Wanted a simple and flexible payment solution to offer the most seamless customer journey possible.

    Since 2019, Sharebox has worked so that, among other things, the big brands in the auto industry can offer more digitized customer service with automated services and self-service options. On their team, they have Nets as a collaboration partner for digital payment solutions. 

    The Arendal-based company Sharebox offers seamless and smart self-service solutions for the delivery of cars via an automatic key machine. The goal is to become the largest in the world in physical key sharing.

    Sharebox Kjetil poster

    “Sharebox helps the car industry digitize customer service. We supply what they need in terms of tools, technology and key machines so that customers can become 100 per cent self-sufficient when, for example, they deliver the car for service or they pick up a rental car at Gardermoen,” says Kjetil Faye Lund, marketing director at Sharebox. 

    To ensure that it is as easy for customers to make payments as it is to operate the automatic key machines, Sharebox depends on having a flexible and user-friendly payment solution that offers different ways to pay. 

    Solution: Integrated the Nets Easy payment solution into the key machines

    Integrated solutions with Nets 

    Nets Easy is the payment solution that Sharebox offers in its digital solution. It has a card, invoice, partial payment, and Vipps as available payment methods. With Nets Easy, customers get a flexible and user-friendly buying experience with high conversion. 

    “For us at Sharebox, it is nice to integrate the solutions so that the final product contributes to the best possible customer journey. We have large and established brand names on our customer list. These expect us to deliver optimal, seamless solutions for them and their customers. Then we have to work with those who are best in class when it comes to payment – which we think Nets is,” says Kjetil. 

    Since Sharebox started up in 2016 to help Airbnb with automated solutions for key sharing, it has progressed steadily in the automotive industry. Today, they are Europe’s largest supplier of digital solutions for keys, and they are constantly expanding with new employees. Among the many satisfied customers of Sharebox we find Norway’s largest car dealer chain, Møller Bil, which has experienced great success with the key machines. 

    Simplifies everyday life for customers 

    “The Sharebox machines play an important role in our work to develop the digital customer journey,” says assistant dealer developer at Møller Bil, Robin Samuelsen. 

    Almost all of Møller Bil’s dealers in Norway and Sweden now have at least one machine for self-service key management both inside and outside, and the solution is very popular with customers. 

    Sharebox Møller poster

    “The Sharebox machines simplify customers’ everyday life by giving them increased flexibility when delivering or collecting their car. In a hectic everyday life, it is very practical to be able to do this outside normal opening hours, so there is no conflict with the customer’s own working hours or pick-up at the nursery. A lot of people use the machines in the evening,” says Robin. 

    More payment options 

    Møller Bil is focused on taking the best possible care of its customers. They therefore want to facilitate solutions that are adapted to the individual customer’s needs. In addition to being available for physical meetings during opening hours, they also want to be able to assist customers beyond this – both in terms of key management and payment options. This is where the solution from Sharebox and Nets comes into play. 

    “It is very important to us that it is easy for customers to pay for our services. If we are to make customer self-service possible, we must be able to offer digital solutions that are so good that our customers want to use them,” says Robin. 


    He further explains that customers can choose to pay for self-service and other services by card, Vipps (Swish in Sweden), invoice, or partial payment. 

    “With the solution from Nets Easy, we can offer several ways to pay. More than half of the payments made via the machines are made with Vipps, while the rest are paid by card or invoice solution. It is a great advantage that we can offer payment methods that customers are well familiar with from the past, and it is easy for them to navigate through Nets’ solution. It works great,” states Robin. 

    With the solution from Nets Easy, we can offer several ways to pay. More than half of the payments made via the machines are made with Vipps, while the rest are paid by card or invoice solution. It is a great advantage that we can offer payment methods that customers are well familiar with from the past. Robin Samuelsen, Dealer Developer, Møller Bil

    Result: Creates a better customer journey, where it is easy for customers to pay

    The optimal customer journey 

    With the automated solutions from Sharebox, Møller Bil and other players in the auto industry can offer their customers a seamless and full service. 

    “Consumers today want to do as much as possible themselves. They prefer to use online services rather than waiting in line at a counter or on the phone. With our solution, the customer can easily order service on the car or decide where to pick up the rental car in the comfort of their own home, and then they arrive at a set table where all orders, signatures and payments have been made in advance,” says Kjetil of Sharebox. 

    He explains that if the customer needs the car serviced, the person can easily book an appointment online and freely choose any additional services such as washing, replacement of light bulbs and the like. The customer will always be able to see the price of the various services and decide on this without being in a pressured situation, as you often are when you are standing at a counter with a queue behind you. 

    As for Møller Bil, they have their own app called “Bilhold”. Through this, customers can, among other things, book an appointment at a workshop or carry out a fully digital damage assessment. It also has some integrations with Sharebox – a solution that looks after both the customer and the company. 

    The solutions of the future are self-service

    The companies that use Sharebox’s services can tailor their solutions according to the needs of their customers – whether it is sending a confirmation or reminder via SMS, offering additional services or signing digitally. 

    “This gives the customer easier car maintenance, while the car dealer or workshop gets the opportunity to allocate their resources to tasks that provide added value for both the customer and the business,” says Kjetil. 

    Payment is made at the same time as the order. If the customer hires a car, the card is registered to that person, and an amount is reserved as a guarantee for any tolls or damage to the car. The money goes via Nets as soon as the customer presses “pay”, and the money goes to the company. The customer himself experiences paying directly to the brand. 

    “It is an exciting and exciting development to be a part of. We are only in the initial phase when it comes to digitizing the customer journey. The solutions of the future are seamless and self-service with both physical and virtual keys – and they are being prepared now,” concludes Kjetil enthusiastically. 

    Robin of Møller Bil is very satisfied with the collaboration they have with Sharebox and Nets, which he believes goes a long way to fulfilling wishes and needs. He states: 

    “As Norway’s largest retail chain, we are happy that together with Sharebox we have managed to develop and facilitate a future-oriented and good solution for us, which helps to streamline operations and provide good customer experiences. Both Sharebox and Nets have been very welcoming and helpful, whether it’s about technical support or the onboarding of payment solutions at our retailers.” 

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