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    Your customers will love super easy workshop visits

    Genuine online service booking has become more popular as car dealerships go digital with online check-in and service stations. This is truly the X-factor to boost customer satisfaction and build revenue. Also, your customers will love it.

    Like you, I have had many cars for regular maintenance at a car dealership and I know that customer service is hard. The dealership is busy. They have a lot of customers to serve, navigating old-school logistics and staff-intensive procedures.

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    Then, I must go through the process of picking up keys for a loaner within limited opening hours, resort to stress, involve my whole family for shuttle transport, and eventually wait in line for my turn.

    To be honest, I also get the feeling the whole process is PTSD-inducing for the service personnel.

    The joy of a contactless pickup with Sharebox

    Today is different. Today, I am driving an Audi, made available to me by the local dealership here in Arendal, Norway, and - poof! - all my sorrows are gone. The dealership has a Sharebox.


    Gromstad Auto in Arendal, Norway.


    Sharebox is a robot and a premium customer journey, offering a super-fast, super-easy car handover built for you, the car dealership customer team. Picking up and dropping off the key is as easy as taking in or dropping off the mail, both for the customer and for the service personnel.

    That’s why we call it super easy car handover. Also, any invoice or payment issue is resolved inside the Sharebox by making selections on the easy-to-operate screen, making outstanding claims a thing of the past.

    We, the Sharebox team, see a future where car dealers like you can focus on building better results for your business. Personalized, targeted customer journeys that increase customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. Not trying to make outdated systems work.

    We believe that organizations looking to future-proof themselves by acknowledging the fact that change is coming through digital transformation, electric mobility, agent business models, Generation Z, and more have the opportunity to grow in adverse conditions.

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    Digital booking, check-in, and pick-up

    During the pandemic, ditching the in-person signing of documents helped grow online check-ins with recommended options. Air conditioning service, tire change, and wheel alignment became no-brainer features. Learnings and experiences like these go into the Sharebox of today and represent the significant upsell features in Sharebox.

    So does digital signature on orders, including ID checks, driver’s license control, on-the-go payment and self-served machines for indoor and outdoor usage.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible customer experience, including for workshop visits. The new seamlessly integrated aftersales services benefit customers and dealers equally. They communicate with each other in a single ecosystem. All information is available in real time, and communication is possible quickly and easily via a central portal and smartphones.

    Super easy car handover

    Are you looking to attract and keep customers with straightforward and comprehensible communications that complement the essence of your vehicle brands?

    Leading brands are now expanding their digital aftersales services and searching for technology partners to integrate new self-service solutions seamlessly into their existing ecosystem.

    With Sharebox, you can tailor sophisticated customer journeys using your post-sales communication channels. Forget about customer lines and open the door to 24/7 accessibility.

    Let your customers take the reins with mobile booking, check-in, and pick-up, and let them ponder their options in peace.

    It's an absolute joy – leading to sales growth and unprecedented levels of customer delight.

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