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    Going digital with Sharebox for super easy car rental at airports

    Travelers airport car rental

    Let me guess: You are looking for a tangible outcome of transforming business processes and going digital? You need look no further than Sharebox. I’ll show you why.

    Here’s a bold claim from me: You’re not really in the car rental business, are you? As the representative of a premium, premium, global car rental company, you’re in the business of providing convenience to travelers. Cars are just the vehicles that deliver this convenience.

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    Moreover, access to the cars goes through the handover of keys. From an overworked front desk employee to a stressed-out customer who wants to leave the premises as fast as possible.

    What if I told you that you don’t need to handle the keys? And you don’t need to handle the customer. At least not in person. Hey, you don’t even need the restriction of the front desk opening hours. How can this be impossible? Well, think about this: What you really need is a way to get the customer into the car and for the customer to settle the bill.

    Introducing the Sharebox: The Sharebox makes life easier for car rentals and for customers. It offers high flexibility and an increased service level, facilitating higher profitability while providing 24/7 car rental access. This is a high-value proposition, challenging and disrupting business as usual to the benefit of everyone.

    Making life easier and better on an everyday basis

    In the fast-paced environment of airports, where customers often arrive in droves according to flight schedules, Sharebox, with its seamless connectivity software, eases out potential capacity constraints at peak hours. High-capacity kiosks holding several hundred keys are the remedy. This efficient flow translates into a faster, happier customer experience, saving five to ten minutes per customer through the self-service, digital solution—translating into a longer weekend for the guest and man-years saved for the business.

    In smaller regional airports, with fewer flights, the contrast between activity levels is even more pronounced, as everything happens quickly upon arrival. Here, the Sharebox is preloaded and filled to maximum capacity with keys, resulting in just a few over-the-counter requests.

    Premium global car rental operators utilize Sharebox in a strategic manner to meet traffic peaks and provide more flexibility for the customer. Customer journeys kick off in the Sharebox after confirmed booking and check-in. From here on in, it is super easy for the customer. They receive the location of the Sharebox, retrieve their key on location, and off they go.

    Know-how for building specific, visible, and tangible solutions

    While some cases call for more human interaction, savvy, digital-first, frequent business flyers default to the Sharebox. Meanwhile, families on their first visit might receive a more attentive, in-person customer service. However, times are changing. The typical Sharebox rental customer is evolving in line with the widespread adoption of digital, contactless, self-service across all parts of society.

    The overall trust, usage, and acceptance of this kind of digital ecosystem are on the rise. Employees and customers from younger generations, accustomed to a digital-first approach, are increasingly comfortable with this model. Trust and acceptance for this kind of digital ecosystem are also increasing, reflecting a shift in societal norms and expectations.

    Staying relevant as a global car rental business in a digital age

    To stay relevant in the marketplace, continuous renewal and development are essential. Going digital and contactless are core answers to this complex question. By embracing these technologies, major players are not just keeping pace; they are setting the pace, ensuring a streamlined, efficient, and highly satisfactory customer experience.

    Through Sharebox, major players are redefining what it means to rent a car—making it super fast and super easy, not just at major airports but across various touchpoints worldwide.

    As we look to the future, the integration of such technologies will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the car rental industry, driving efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights.

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