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    After-hours key collection and payment with Sharebox and Nexi

    Convenience and efficiency are critical for customer satisfaction. For car dealerships, the traditional 9-to-5 business hours can create barriers, limiting flexibility and hampering customer service.

    The collaboration between Sharebox and Nexi is changing this landscape by enabling seamless payment and key collection outside of regular working hours. This partnership not only enhances customer convenience but also brings substantial financial benefits by offering choices for the customer and eliminating outstanding receivables for the dealership. 

    Sharebox and partners

    With operations on several continents, Sharebox is open to integrations with relevant partners in the respective country markets.

    The need for a flexible, efficient, and super easy key exchange

    Based on our results as industry professionals, we know the challenges of balancing excellent customer service with operational efficiency. Traditional key drop-off methods are limited by business hours, causing inconvenience for customers. Sharebox is available for drop-off and pick-up 24/7, giving your customers unrestricted access at any time.

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    Transforming key collection and payment with Sharebox and Nexi

    Managing outstanding payments can be a logistical nightmare, impacting cash flow and increasing administrative workload. So, how can we refine this system to better serve both customers and businesses? Let me show you.

    Imagine a solution that allows your customers to collect their car keys and make payments at any time, securely and conveniently. Sharebox, in collaboration with Nexi, offers just that.

    This partnership integrates robust self-service key collection systems with cutting-edge payment solutions, providing a comprehensive service that addresses the needs of both the dealership and its customers. Nexi offers invoice service and debit and credit card payment, accepts a variety of online wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay and EC Card. Our collaboration with Nexi accepts payments through all major international circuits: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, V-PAY, Union Pay, JCB, Bancomat Pay, American Express, and Diners.

    How Sharebox self-service key collection works

    Sharebox S18 S32 Self Service cut

    Sharebox offers an advanced self-service solution that revolutionizes the traditional key drop-off and collection process.

    Customers can now use a secure, automated Sharebox to drop off or collect their keys at any time, eliminating the need to visit the dealership during business hours.

    The Sharebox is equipped with touchscreens and mobile connectivity to allow customers to manage their vehicle handover with ease.

    Demo: How it works

    Key benefits of self-service key collection

    1. 24/7 Accessibility: Customers can collect their keys at their convenience, enhancing their overall experience.
    2. Enhanced Security: The kiosks are equipped with high-security features, including video surveillance and secure access protocols.
    3. Operational Efficiency: Dealerships can streamline their operations, reducing the need for staff to manage key handovers manually.

    Seamless and secure payment solutions with Nexi

    Nexi complements Sharebox’s self-service kiosks by offering a range of secure payment solutions. Customers can make payments directly through the kiosk using various methods mentioned above. This integration ensures that all transactions are completed before the keys are released, effectively eliminating the risk of outstanding receivables.

    Key Benefits of Nexi Payment Solutions

    1. Instant Payments: Transactions are processed in real-time, ensuring that dealerships receive payments immediately.
    2. Multiple Payment Options: Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods, enhancing their convenience.
    3. Security and Compliance: Nexi’s solutions adhere to the highest security standards, ensuring that all transactions are safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

    Seamless integration and user experience

    The integration of Sharebox and Nexi is designed to provide a seamless user experience. When a customer drops off their keys, they can also handle payment transactions through the same Sharebox.

    The system verifies the payment before allowing key collection, ensuring that there are no outstanding dues. This process is simple, intuitive, and efficient, minimizing the time customers spend on these tasks and enhancing their overall satisfaction.

    Financial and operational benefits

    The financial and operational benefits of this integration are substantial. By ensuring that all payments are made before key collection, dealerships can maintain a steady cash flow and reduce the administrative burden associated with chasing outstanding receivables.

    This system also allows dealerships to extend their service hours virtually, offering a competitive edge in customer service.

    Case Study: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

    Consider the case of a dealership that integrated Sharebox and Nexi into its operations.

    Before the integration, the dealership struggled with managing after-hours key collections and had significant issues with delayed payments.

    After implementing the Sharebox and Nexi solutions, the dealership noticed a marked improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers appreciated the flexibility of 24/7 key collection and the convenience of instant payments.

    Additionally, the dealership saw reduced administrative overhead and a significant improvement in cash flow, as all payments were processed instantly.

    Embrace the Future of Automotive Service

    The collaboration between Sharebox and Nexi is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic enhancement that addresses the core needs of modern car dealerships and their customers.

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