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    Revolutionizing customer experiences with digital end-to-end operations

    By using data efficiently, your dealership can predict when cars need maintenance or replacement. You can tailor communications to meet customer needs precisely when they need it.  

    Digital customer journeys over Sharebox give you more data, and contribute to timely, positive customer experiences, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. 

    Today’s dealership environment is active and dynamic, providing detailed information about each vehicle's history and features online. 

    A great dealership helps customers make informed decisions based on their needs and preferences. 

    A recent survey from the US and Canada shows that: 

    • 96% of surveyed dealers would prefer a standardized check-in procedure. 
    • 100% indicated it was important to get accurate customer information during the process. 
    • 96% indicated speed was important. 
    • 90% of customers are willing to use a self-service kiosk to check in and for other tasks: after-hours drop-off, pick-up, and mobile payments. 

    All of the above resonate with to core Sharebox features. The beauty is that Sharebox contributes in to the big picture, providing you with numbers and details needed to analyze, plan and make qualified decisions. 

    To perform well today, you need to leverage the power of data already on your hands. There’s a story hiding in this data. It’s not just about collecting the data. It’s about deploying, integrating and sharing access to the data. 

    For example, innovative data management approaches enable dealerships to merge disparate pieces of information into cohesive, actionable, one-click insights.  

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    Advanced data tools are the answer to the login overload.  

    By syncing data from various touchpoints, like:  

    • customer interactions 
    • vehicle service records  
    • vehicle specifications 

    and more into a single interface, dealerships can now paint a full picture of each vehicle’s journey and potential.  

    Gather and hone your data into a strategic asset for your dealership 

    Ideally, spread, incoherent data within dealerships are collected, processed, and displayed in a straightforward and centralized dashboard, seamlessly gathering, and organizing customer interactions, service records, and vehicle details, allowing for a more efficient approach to data management. 

    Advanced data tools turn raw and scattered data into a strategic asset, allowing both sales teams and aftermarket advisors access the information they need, when they need it, without the friction of switching between platforms. 

    Think of this as sharing a continuous, complete story. 

    This streamlined access to information allows your dealership to:  

    • respond rapidly to market trends 
    • tailor their aftermarket approach to individual customer needs 
    • optimize service visits based on real-time insights.  

    It also enables your dealership to boost the customer experience.  


    By giving in-depth and transparent information, which in turn, helps build trust and loyalty. 

    Data analytics serves as a critical tool to understand customer needs and enhance service quality. It allows your dealership to predict when cars need maintenance or replacement, which helps customers plan ahead and manage their time and finances. 

    Striving for operational excellence, dealerships can view vast amounts of information and data as an enabler rather than a burden. The competitive edge will go to those who invest in systems that  

    • reduce complexity 
    • provide comprehensive insights  
    • facilitate smarter decision-making 

    Embracing the data revolution is key for dealerships as the automotive industry advances toward a fully digital future. You need to find a way to simplify data management, so to unlock the full potential of your service lane and workshop capacity and customer relationships.  

    By doing so, your dealership positions itself not only to get ahead in the industry but also to set a new standard for customer experience excellence. 

    Well-integrated data allows dealerships to tell richer, more engaging stories about customer care and excellent mobility. These stories captivate and connect with your audience, encouraging them to glide effortlessly through to the retail experience.  

    This narrative, fueled by your cultivated and curated data not only draws customers in, but also guides them smoothly to the endpoint of their journey — a satisfactory purchase. 

    Dealerships propelled by data 

    Now, as you are all on the brink of a data-driven era in the automotive and mobility industry, everyone recognizes that data doesn’t just support them; it propels them forward.  

    It is the silent yet powerful engine of progress, driving businesses toward a future where the customer experience is as smooth and efficient as a well-oiled machine.  

    The challenge, then, is not simply to gather this data but to refine it, to tune it, to make it work for you in a way that reduces friction in the daily operations and propels you toward unprecedented success. 

    Data gathered from interacting with your customers over Sharebox is a trove to be extracted and compiled together with all other customer journey data sources. 

    With Sharebox, dealerships can enhance the overall customer experience by offering clear, accessible information and support, helping to build trust and streamline aftermarket operations. 

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