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    What dealerships and customers say about Sharebox

    “It works really well, and it’s in heavy use!”. That’s what dealerships say about Sharebox. See for yourself in the video.

    The shift in the automotive service industry towards digital solutions is not just a trend. It’s a significant leap towards enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

    Implementing Sharebox at your dealership not only streamlines customer service interactions but also revolutionizes your invoice-handling processes. Sharebox facilitates a seamless, efficient, and automated transaction environment where customers can independently handle key drop-offs and pick-ups.

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    Up-to-date invoicing

    This automation extends to the invoicing system, enabling digital and immediate invoice generation and payments. Customers can conveniently pay invoices through integrated payment solutions, reducing the administrative burden on your staff and eliminating common errors associated with manual entry.

    By offering 24/7 access and enabling real-time financial transactions, Sharebox enhances overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for modernizing and future-proofing your dealership.

    Real- life testimonials

    Sharebox, with our innovative self-service solutions, stand at the forefront of this transformation. Let’s delve into some real-life experiences of users who have seen tangible benefits from integrating Sharebox into their daily operations.

    We met with customers, managers and employees outside VAG dealership Neubeck Automobile in Speyer, Germany.

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    One of Neubeck’s commercial customers told us:

    “I find Sharebox absolutely fantastic because I was able to pick up the car effortlessly. I simply drove here, clicked on the link I received, which activated the Sharebox, retrieved the key, and easily picked up the vehicle. I save time because my employees and I can pick up the vehicle at any time, even outside of opening hours, so there are no waiting times at the counter.”

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    Satisfied customer:“Effortless!”

    Bettina Neubeck, Commercial director, Neubeck Autohäuser:

    “We began using Sharebox 23 months ago, simply deciding to give it a try and see how customers would respond. We've now found that it works really well and is in heavy use.”

    Bettina Neubeck

    Bettina Neubeck: “Works really well!”

    Everyday life flexibility

    Another customer also pointed out that Sharebox makes the dealership seem more modern and innovative:

    “I get the impression that the dealership is future-oriented and customer-oriented.

    The fact that Neubeck Automobile uses this Sharebox makes the company appear very innovative and very flexible, so that it integrates their company into the flexibility of everyday life, which is also necessary today.”

    Kunde Sharebox

    Customer testimonial: “Sharebox makes the dealership modern and flexible”


    Progress toward paperless payments

    Executive Assistant Timo Neubeck points out, "Sharebox has significantly relieved our information point. We utilize peak times, especially in the mornings and evenings, when keys are typically handed over. This has effectively provided a buffer at the information point and has reduced waiting times for other customers. Furthermore, with Sharebox, we have made progress towards digital vehicle reception and transitioning to a paperless process."

    Timo Neubeck

    Timo Neubeck: "Reduced waiting times."


    As for the future of the dealership, we can only point to Bettina Neubeck's plans:

    «We will now expand the system by introducing the payment system. And, of course, this will also relieve the burden on accounting.”

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