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    Rapid results with Sharebox

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    From the moment you place your Sharebox order, the journey towards operational enhancement is swift and efficient. On average, the span from procurement to full implementation of your new Sharebox is a mere four weeks.

    These four weeks typically entail ensuring a seamless transition and rapid integration into your current operations.

    Here’s what you can expect:

    • Consultation and Customization
      Initially, you will likely engage in consultation with Sharebox representatives to determine your specific needs and requirements. Sharebox may offer customization options to tailor the kiosks to your branding and operational preferences.
    • Purchase and Installation
      We will handle the installation process to ensure that the Sharebox is set up correctly and integrated with your systems as an option.
    • Training and Support
      We will provide training on how to use and maintain the Sharebox effectively. The training may cover key functions such as key exchange, document handling, and troubleshooting common issues. Ongoing support will also be available to address any technical issues or questions that arise.
    • Integration with Existing Systems
      Sharebox has an open API to integrate with your existing systems. We are ready work closely with your IT team to ensure seamless integration and data flow between systems.
    • Customer Experience Enhancement
      Sharebox kiosks aim to enhance the overall customer experience by providing convenient self-service options. You can expect that the kiosks will streamline processes such as vehicle pickup, document signing, and payment, making the check-out and delivery process more efficient for customers.
    • Security and Compliance
      We will ensure that Sharebox meets security standards and compliance requirements, especially regarding the handling of sensitive customer information and financial transactions. This includes implementing encryption measures and adhering to relevant data protection regulations.
    • Monitoring and Maintenance
      We will provide monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that the Sharebox operates smoothly. This may involve remote monitoring of performance, proactive maintenance to prevent downtime, and regular software updates to add new features or address security vulnerabilities.

    Overall, you can expect a comprehensive solution from us that not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the customer experience and meets security and compliance standards.

    Deploying the Sharebox

    From day one of deploying the Sharebox, you will enjoy better liquidity and a super easy, flexible car handover at your workshop or rental car business. From that moment on, every key exchange is a step towards enhanced efficiency and delighted customers.


    With Sharebox, overall customer satisfaction can be increased by way of 24/7 availability, a lean digital solution and ease of process. Rush hours will be reduced, since customers are no longer dependent on the opening hours or availability of Service Advisors. Customers are free to choose the best suitable time for them to drop off or pick up their cars. The 24/7 availability and digital customer journey improve usability, convenience and processing times.

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    Sharebox loves your existing systems

    Dealerships looking for an online key exchange service should not have to amend or substitute their existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS), reservation or communication systems, or any other vital operational software. The ideal solution is a fully automated system that communicates with your existing systems through an API, an Application Programming Interface.

    Freedom for the end customer

    – We like the Sharebox in that it gives freedom and flexibility to our customers, says Stian Sølvberg, Service Market Manager at Frydenbø Bil in Førde, Norway. His dealership has, in effect, been available to for business around the clock since their Sharebox was installed in late 2023.


    Stian Sølvberg


    – The distribution of keys was the primary challenge we faced, especially during non-business hours. Typically, staff had to remain available after hours to ensure keys were handed off to our customers personally. This often coincided with the need to finalize payment details, obliging our customer service representatives to wait for customers for durations that could span from one to three hours, says Sølvberg. 

    For Kjetil Barli at Gromstad Auto dealership and workshop in Arendal, Norway, the process was just as swift, and the results manifested themselves instantly:

    ­– The biggest advantage now is that we can extend the opening hours and get paid through the key delivery process. The customers don’t need to worry about making our opening hours in time. Previously, we had long lines at the customer reception desk just before 4 p.m. Now the choice of pick-up time lies with the customer.

    Kjetil Barli

    Kjetil Barli


    Mr. Barli also emphazises how the Sharebox significantly enhances liquidity by streamlining payment processes, ensuring that transactions are completed before the key is retrieved.

    “Historically, we had an excessively high proportion of credit in our settlements, which we can reduce now, as we have solutions for credit cards, e-wallets and other, flexible payment platforms”, says Mr. Barli.

    “Sharebox is something completely different to a key drop-off. It’s an immersive experience. It makes sure the customer gets a good experience at delivery and handout of a courtesy car when they wish. Additionally, they can pay there, and we get the money transferred immediately. We believe this is a solution of the future”, says Eivind Fosseli, group director of service market in Norwegian dealership group Gumpen Gruppen to industry publication Bilbransje24.

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