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Switch to vehicle handover with a few clicks

04-Jan-2022 09:28:48 / by Kjetil Faye Lund

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The future of mobility lies within the experience. It’s something confirmed again and again in research on what people want with digital.


Here are some ideas of the winning moves to transform toward digital self-service:

What to look for: great customer service will play an even more critical role in separating the winners focused on delighting their customers, from the losers, focused on the nuts and bolts of car service.

Here’s how it works: customers receive a notification through the vehicle, an app, by email or SMS that their car needs service. They choose a time in the calendar and book their favourite dealership. Keys are physically handed over in a self-served Sharebox at the dealership workshop facilities. A replacement car is also available to the car owner from Sharebox. When the service or maintenance is finished, the car is available 24/7 in the same “frictionless”, invisible, manner.

Beyond inconvenience, there’s also anxiety around how long service will take and uncertainty about what exactly is being done in the case of a repair, not to mention how much it will cost. The new digital workflow creates transparency, mitigating the unknown, as information is delivered in real-time through online and app channels if needed.


The best customer experience

Is there anything people loves more than convenience? By putting customer desires upfront with a self-served solution, you enable the entire service process to flow more smoothly without any
black holes.

Digital conversion, mobile-first online booking and system integrations result in positive first impressions.

My advice is to search for solutions that provide 24/7 customer availability with a self-served functionality including mobile invoice payment with a few clicks in the same operation. Everything integrated with your dealership’s software will ensure that safety and security standards are maintained.

Clearly, if your service experience is an area that’s ripe for an overhaul through a new, more sophisticated level of customer self-service, we should talk.


Kjetil Faye Lund

Written by Kjetil Faye Lund

Kjetil Faye Lund is CMO at Sharebox and writes blogs, press releases and texts.

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